About us

Tradycyja Restaurant – a tribute to both:
love of food and respect for tradition

tradycyja Restaurant is located in the historic interiors of the Pinocci’s Tenement at the very heart of the City of Polish Kings. Its name derives from one of its greatest owners – born in Italy Hieronim Pinocci.

in the XVIIth century he became famous due to his public work as a mayor of Cracow and cultural activities as an editor of “Polish Mercury Ordinary”, first printed newspaper in Poland.  Bearing in mind this unique heritage, our restaurant was created to celebrate Polish – Italian friendship.


Polish and Italian origin of our tenement has become an inspiration to combine trends of culinary art. Harmonizing the influences of two cuisines, our chefs present a sumptuous menu, rich in dumplings, mushrooms and succulent meats, complemented by Italian pastas, soups and desserts. You can also try an exquisite pizza, prepared in a special traditional oven at one of our rooms. The experience of tasting our dishes will be a true celebration of flavors!